STREEN is a project that explores the potential of literally transforming the space where reading takes place. This is a concept for augmented reading, in which environmental digital media enrichments are used to promote reader’s engagement, involvement, enjoyment and social interaction.
The team involved in this project is designing and developing a smart space for augmented reading. This smart space offers children a playful and rich environment, for authoring and performing augmented read aloud activities such as reader's theatre. This research project aims at study how to design and evaluate this smart reading space for children, with particular focus on primary school children that are already reasonably independent readers(8-10 years old). This smart reading space shall provide a joyful reading experience while stimulating reading skills. Reader's theatre will serve as a inspirational read aloud activity that will guide us while deciding which are the most promising digital media enrichments. It is intended to study how to effectively extend the story in the environment in a social read aloud activity. Furthermore, study the effects of a SRE system in the reading comprehension, narrative comprehension and reading motivation.


Designing STREEN

This project aims at discovering innovative ways of enriching reading experience for primary school children for that it follows a design based research approach, involving researchers, educational practitioners and children from a local primary school.

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